TV Cataleen's Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
I charge £80 for half an hour, £120 for a full hour, £200 for two hours and £300 for three hours. I never clock-watch during my time with a client; nor will I charge you more than the originally agreed sum for "extras", as some less scrupulous escorts do. These price are non-negotiable, though, so please don't try to haggle them down!
How much does A, B or C cost?
You pay me for the amount of time you want to spend with me; not for something specific that you'd like to do during our time together.
What do you do?
I'm excellent at giving a slow, sensual massage to alleviate any initial tension.

I love to be a submissive little girl for my dominant clients.

Alternatively, my ruthless alter ego, Mistress Cataleen, derives great pleasure from the provision of mild to moderate dominatrix services for naughty little sissy boys.

I'm now available for LIVE ADULT CHAT SERVICES on my own 090 number, and also through my ADULTWORK PROFILE.

I provide a dressing service if you would also like to dress up and/or get made up during our time together.

I am equally comfortable with more experienced clients as I am with first-timers.

Ultimately, I'm versatile and open to most suggestions. I will always try my hardest to fulfil your fantasies to give you the "Full Girlfriend Experience" that you deserve.

What don't you do?
I will never consider anything filthy, painful or unsafe.
Where do you stay?
I live in the Shawlands area of the southside of Glasgow. For those of you who don't know Glasgow too well, it's about 15 minutes' drive from the city centre, or 15 minutes by train on the Cathcart Inner Circle Line or the Newton Line from Glasgow Central station to Pollokshaws East station (NB: Not Pollokshields East Station!!!), which is a couple of minutes' walk from my flat. There are 3 trains per hour: at a quarter past the hour, a quarter to the hour and 10 minutes to the hour.

If you're driving and haven't got satnav, I'm happy to direct you from Shawlands Cross to me. Parking on my street during the day isn't normally a problem, though it can sometimes be a bit trickier later on in the evening or at the weekends.
• When are you available?
• I'm near Shawlands now. Are you available in 5 minutes?
I can work round most times with an hour's prior notice: a girl needs time to get ready! I normally see clients in the late mornings, afternoons and early evenings. I'm not overly enthusiastic about meeting clients before 11 a.m. or, for obvious reasons, after 10 p.m., but if you've given me enough notice, or you're a regular client, I'm happy to come and go with you.

Please understand that it takes me around 45 minutes to get ready from scratch, and that I almost definitely won't be able to fit you in if you call me 10 minutes before you'd like to meet me: I'm a busy little bee!
• Are you able to travel for outcalls?
• Do you tour other cities or countries?
For the moment and the foreseeable future, I'm only available for incalls in my flat in the Shawlands area of Glasgow's southside.
Do I have to give you my real name when making a booking?
No, but it does help enormously if you give the dizzy blonde your name, or even just an alias, to remember you by.

I understand all too well that first-time nerves can often get the better of inexperienced clients, but please give me a quick 20-second call out of courtesy to let me know if you need to cancel or postpone your arrangements with me for whatever reason. I promise I won't be annoyed with you!

Having said this, if a client doesn't call me to say that they can't make it, I store their number as "NO-SHOW" and will be extremely unlikely to accept any subsequent bookings from them if they should ever call back.
Can I withhold my number when calling you?
Not now, no. I was starting to get so many timewasters calling me and withholding their number that I decided to activate the automatic reject facility on my phone. I hope you understand that I have to do this for my own protection AND SANITY! So now if you call me anonymously, you'll hear an message from me asking you to call back whilst transmitting your number.

Discretion is of vital importance to me, and I will always be fully committed to protecting your privacy. I never store numbers unless someone has arranged to meet me and not shown up without bothering to postpone or cancel; I will only call you back, if necessary, to finalise our arrangements, or if there are any problems at my end. Nor will I email you in the future unless you have given your consent.

Even though simple queries can be ironed out by email, I do insist that a client speak to me directly from their mobile at some point before meeting up: it's simpler, faster and helps me single out the genuine enquiries from the disingenuous ones.
Can I text you?
For discretion purposes and to save me a lot of hassle, I don't use my personal mobile number to send and receive text messages. As you might well imagine, if I used a mobile number for my advertising, I would be inundated daily by a deluge of texts.

NB: the 0141 Glasgow number listed on this site doesn't receive voice texts via SMS.

Calling my 0141 number will only cost you whatever your provider charges you for calling standard geographic 01 numbers. Giving me a quick call is always the easiest way to crystallise the ins and outs of our assignation.
Can I call you internationally/from a non-UK number?
My 0141 number can receive international calls from most countries: +44 141 214 0069.
Are you passive, versatile or active?
I'm fully versatile.

I enjoy taking the passive role; however, when Mistress Cataleen the Dominatrix gets her hands on her leather riding crop, she enjoys nothing more than taking firm command of the proceedings, and administering the appropriate measures of discipline.
Are you a TV (transvestite), a CD (cross-dresser), TG (transgender), TS (transsexual), Shemale or a T-Girl?
Strictly speaking, I'm actually none of the above: I'm what's classified as bigender. This means that I am right in the middle of male and female. For the sake of simplicity, I prefer to use the non-specific umbrella terms T-Girl or trans. I'm not a male to female transsexual, i.e. I'm not undergoing transition, nor am I planning to have gender reassignment surgery.
Do you ever let guys ride bareback?
I might be blonde, but I'm not brain-dead. Please don't ask me to if I allow bareback! If you'd like to be ultra-careful, I also have various flavoured varieties.
Do you have any X-rated photos and videos?
(A15) You can view my X-rated photos and videos on the private gallery on my ADULTWORK profile for a small fee.

Do you do webcam shows?
(A16) No sorry.

Can I submit a review or any comments for your site's guestbook?
(A17) Yes, thanks! Go to the CONTACT PAGE and please email me.

Can you organise another escort for me elsewhere?
No. I'm an independent escort and not responsible for anyone else.

Can I also dress up during our time together?
Yes. I've had lots of clients who wanted to dress up during their visit. I usually recommend an hour-long appointment or longer, so that you have time to get ready. You can either bring your own clothes or borrow some of mine.
Are you fully functional, Cataleen?!
I'm not taking hormones like transsexual escorts - so, yes, I have a fully-functional, rock-hard 7" uncut surprise for you!
Do you kiss?
Yes. I provide a full "GFE" (Girlfriend Experience), but don't complain if you get smothered in fire engine red lipstick!
Would you meet a genuine girl and a guy at the same time?
Sorry, girls! Unlike my heroine Tallulah Bankhead, I only entertain gentlemen callers.
Are you smooth?
Yes. I have no body hair at all.
Did you design the website yourself, Cataleen?
Yes. I'm not just a pretty face, boys: I have hidden endowments!
I've never met a T-Girl before. Are you happy to meet first-timers?
Of course! I realise that breaking the ice can often be extremely nerve-racking, and I've become quite skilled at putting first-timers at ease, to which many of my GUESTBOOK reviews bear testament. I'm an excellent masseuse, so I normally recommend beginning with a sensual, relaxing massage to allay any first-time jitters.
Can I have a shower at yours?
Yes, of course you can. Cleanliness is next to goddessliness.
Should I pay you at the beginning or the end of the appointment?
Please pay me at the start. It gets it out the way, and then we can forget about it and relax. Please don't be offended if I count the money in front of you - you might have overpaid me.
What's the difference between a blonde and the Titanic?
(A28) They know how many men went down on the Titanic.
What's goes blonde... brunette... blonde... brunette... blonde?
(A29) A naked blonde doing cartwheels.
What's the connection between a blonde and a halogen headlight?
(A30) They both get screwed on the front of a Ford Escort.

Does it mean that I'm gay because I fancy T-Girls?
If I'd been given a pound for every time I've heard this question, I'd be rich beyond the dreams of avarice! I anaylse and discuss my thoughts and opinions on this interesting subject in my 10th audio recording. Please see the Recorded Stories page for the number to call.